Everybody’s lookin’ for something.Annie Lennox

Here’s why I want to make this film. I can’t imagine an animal other than humans spending a lot of time trying to understand the reason for its existence. What are we here for? What is my purpose in life? Is there something bigger than what I am seeing? At some time or another it hits everyone, and the responses run the gamut from ignoring those thoughts and living life at face value to totally dedicating one’s life to scrutinizing the evidence looking for clues to our origins, our meaning, and our place in the world.  To many people, maybe even most people, around the world the concept of God plays a large part in how they approach their lives. Whether we are theists, believers in God, or atheists, believers in no God, the existence or nonexistence of God is a debate we look to resolve in our minds. It’s important enough for millions of words have been dedicated to the subject. In our world, among the people who concern themselves with this issue, the streams of thought seem to flow into two camps: science vs. religion. The science camp tends to draw its inspiration from the ever emerging data compiled through rigorous scrutiny of the “stuff” of our world. The religion camp tends to draw its inspiration from the teachings of “mystics” going back thousands of years.

Simply put, scientific data has now evolved to a point where investigators are beginning to see parallels between the two streams of thought. This is what I want to examine in the film I am calling Footprints of God. My intention is to interview some of these investigators, scientists, theologists, psychics, anyone who I find might have something to contribute to this discussion, and combine the interviews with graphic illustrations of how this newly merged stream of thought might affect the way we approach our lives. I believe the practical impact of this line of reasoning will ultimately be significant in many peoples’ lives.

The primary product that will come from this will be a film to be distributed through various channels. This can range from shortened versions for the internet, to a home video DVD release with extended versions of the interviews, to independent theaters, or even used in a lecture tour if that seems warranted. The second product will be an e-book based on the film. Music was extremely important to Plato and Pythagoras, and it will be in this film also.  The music will be original and varied and will be released as both a CD and online. We also have an avatar design which will show up on medallions and other jewelry and forms of apparel.

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